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Today we all go to our smartphone to search the internet for the best solutions to combat the struggles of life. Just to scratch the surface, if you are searching for a solution for pain relief, anti-anxiety, skincare or just daily wellness-you must understand CBD as a healing agent. You must do your due diligence and trust your sources. Always ask for documentation to support product reliability and authenticity.

The end of 2018, CBD was the third most popular search. CBD is the buzz word of the year. Those three letters are posted on billboards, emails, websites and print media and have no explanation or definition. While CBD is popular, the information is spread all over the web. It’s a difficult task to search and find accurate & current information. CBD is derived from plants that have been misunderstood for centuries. This fact is apparent as people are confused between THC & CBD and how they should be used together & independently.

CBD is the component of the miracle cannabis or hemp plant that aids in the reduction of inflammation, stress, and anxiety to name a few benefits. CBD is just of many cannabinoids to help balance your endocannabinoid system.

While CBD is increasing in popularity, reliable information is often scattered across the web. Typically, if you want to buy Cannabidiol (CBD) products, you have to dig pretty dip to find not only accurate information but up-to-date information as well. The reason being is because CBD is quite possibly one of the most misunderstood dietary substances available today. Many people who are not educated correctly will confuse it with THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Contrary to these misconceptions, CBD is both legal and safe. It contains zero psychoactive elements which make it impossible to get “high”.

Janice Hardoon, Founder of Elevate CBD Cosmetics has been a part of the cannabis industry for over twelve years and one of her biggest pet peeves is customers being misinformed about CBD, leading them to purchase their products from unreliable sources. Education is a HUGE part of being in the industry and without the proper, correct information being relayed to others, it could potentially still keep the stigma alive that’s related to the plant. An informed customer is a happy customer and Janice makes it a point to deliver as much information as possible on all of the benefits CBD can bring into your life.

If it’s your first time looking into CBD or your twentieth we urge you to…

● Know the CBD basics

● Know the benefits

● Choose your buying criteria

● Choose your product type (there are so many options on how to take CBD)

● Avoid scammy companies (A good way to recognize them is the lack of education given along with a pushy salesperson)

● Review all steps and make a decision.

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