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Founded in – California.

Janice Hardoon took the cannabis industry by storm in 2008, building what is now one of the leading recreational dispensaries in the Los Angeles area, K-Town Collective and The Antidote, a CBD superstore. Now she is the most well-known, influential women in the Cannabis industry.


The CBD Queen not only has an in-depth knowledge of the marijuana plant, she understands how each aspect of it works in what way so that she can harness specific benefits. After focussing on health and wellness, she parlayed this knowledge into creating a new wave of skin care products with revolutionary anti-inflammatory properties. Her creams, serums and ointments have produced such staggering results that many have coined Elevate CBD Cosmetics, the fountain of youth.


Focusing on facial beauty, she launched her line in August 2018, changing the face of cosmetics. Prior to her success in the cannabis industry, Janice was a Financial Consultant and Operations Manager for Merrill Lynch. She garnered acclaim for generating over $20 million in revenue annually, leading to her induction into the prestigious Merrill Lynch Presidents Club.


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